Spring 2018 Look Book

Spring 2018 Look Book

Scotch & Iron Spring 2018 Collections

We are excited to drop part of our Spring 2018 Collection on April 18th, so we sent the boys out to look their best chugging beers and doing burnouts in the new gear.  Included in this product drop will be two hats that I have been super excited about.  We took one of our original Ride More Work Less Badge logos and put them on laser etched leather patches.  We will have two colorways in a red and black trucker and a dark khaki curved bill hat.

Also in this collection will be a new heather gray flannel and as always we will have more of our essential collection “Brain Bucket” hats and hoodies.

Check out a few images that we captured of some of the new items below and keep a look out for more items to drop on April 18th.

limited edition hat from scotch and iron

spring 2018 collection from scotch and iron lookbook

brain bucket snap back hat from scotch and iron

limited edition trucker hat from scotch and iron

camo brain bucket hat from scotch and iron

scotch and iron lookbook flannel shirt

red and black limited edition trucker hat from scotch and iron

new limited edition leather patch hat from scotch and iron

camo snap back hat from scotch and iron

hat collection from scotch and iron

Volksblast Miami 2018

Volksblast Miami 2018

VolksBlast 2018 Miami, Florida

It was that time of the year again, and a perfect time to enjoy some South Florida weather and check out some of the best examples of Vintage V-Dubs in the South East.  This is one event that I truly look forward to.  I started coming to this event back in 2007 when I lived in New York.  It was a really good reason to make the long trek from the cold north to help medicate my seasonal depression.  Fast forward to 2018, and I still get excited at the end of January approaches.

I spent a few hours walking the show venue at Sunset Place in South Miami with camera in hand.  There is always the veteran cars in attendance, but each year seems to bring out a few new builds to the event, and this year was no exception.

Have a look at the images from this years even and leave a comment below on which is your favorite.  If you can get free for next years event, I highly suggest it.


volkswagen bug beetle yellow lowered volksblast 2018

patina vw beetle volksblast miami 2018


vw bug with surfboard volksblast miami 2018

row of VW bus at volksblast miami 2018

military green vw bus at volksblast miami

single cab vw at volksblast miami 2018

vw single cab truck volksblast miami 2018

interior of vw bus volksblast miami 2018

volkswagen bus interior volksblast miami

kid in front of green vw bus

patina risted vw bus red miami

vw fast back white volksblast miami 2018

custom vw beetle bug volksblast miami 2018

people looking at vw bus volksblast 2018

volkswagen fast back volksblast miami 2018

orange vw bug interior volksblast miami 2018

black lowered vw bug volksblast miami 2018

vintage beetles at volksblast miami blue

long row of VW beetles in miami show

patina vw bug volksblast miami 2018

VW bugs beetles miami volksblast

lowered yellow vw beetle vinatge miami

slammed vw bug at volksblast 2018

two vw bugs at volksblast miami 2018

Another Mans Treasure 1978 Honda CX500 Cafe

Another Mans Treasure 1978 Honda CX500 Cafe

Another Man’s Treasure: 1978 Honda CX500 Cafe

An odd-ball relic is transformed into the belle of the ball

Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron


Will Nicholson’s 1978 Honda CX500 Cafe Build

The first step is sometimes the hardest one to take. We tend to assume that the people accomplishing great things are experts, well-trained in their fields. Intimidation kills inspiration, but the truth is those experts were once green and inexperienced. They simply were inspired to jump in and got their hands dirty.


Will Nicholson went for it. Never having so much as turned a wrench on a motorcycle, he went to work creating a beautiful café racer. Judging by its clean lines and the obvious attention to detail (note the leather lever covers), Nicholson is putting his industrial design degree to good use. He has an obvious talent for aesthetics.


Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron

Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron


At the ripe old age of 24, Nicholson, a New Zealander, found inspiration in a neglected and rejected 1978 Honda CX500. The bike had started life as the possession of a now-elderly lady in a husband-and-wife riding tandem. Perhaps they were every-day riders, or maybe weekend warriors; details are sketchy. When the wife became a widow, the CX took up residence in her yard. There it sat, slowly succumbing to the ravages of time. Another would-be builder picked up the bike for a song, but he never found the motivation to start the café project. Nicholson didn’t just purchase the old Honda; he rescued it.



“I have always wanted an old bike,” he says. “I really enjoy bringing life back to old things.”


The CX500 was never a popular bike, but it is bullet proof. When the oddball Honda was young, the superbike was a new invention. Inline fours were all the rage, and the Kawasaki KZ1000 and Suzuki GS1000 ruled the road. The transverse V-twin engine on the CX doesn’t look so strange to modern eyes, but the masses deemed it too weird and underpowered at the time of its introduction. It sold meekly, but darn if it doesn’t make a sexy café racer. Quirky is the new black.


Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron

Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron


“I started looking at old Hondas and Yamahas,” says Nicholson, “but I stumbled across this CX, and it was in my price range. The layout of the CX intrigued me… I love the concept; transverse V-twin, water-cooled, shaft drive, electric start, all on a bike which was manufactured in the 70s! I think they were quite innovative bikes, but aesthetically not very clean.”


And therein lay the other reason for the CX’s flat-lined sales in its short production run of five years. Big Red borrowed proven, reliable concepts from other manufacturers and packaged them in a responsible-looking motorcycle. But, practicality was a tough sell in an era when the first road rockets were setting streets on fire. Nicholson was able to transform the CX from water buffalo to super model while retaining the components that made it so trustworthy.


“The CX purists will hate it,” he says, “but I don’t think the factory bikes are particularly beautiful.”


Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron

1978 Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron


Nicholson’s experience in motorcycling has been brief, but his love of all things motorbike has been a lifelong infatuation. He only started riding a few years ago, earning his stripes astride a Kawasaki Ninja 300. The impetus for his first restoration project was the boredom inherent with moving to a new town for work. The year-and-a-half-long CX build was as much learning experience for him as it was busy work in a strange town.


“The whole project was something quite new to me,” says Nicholson. “I learned a lot of new skills.”


Look at his Nicholson’s handiwork, and what you notice is what you can’t see. Not a wire protrudes to detract from the carefully revealed frame. The open space beneath the seat gives the CX a ghost-like, ethereal quality. Such understatement is hard for even experienced builders to accomplish.


1978 Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron

1978 Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron


“The original wiring loom was toast, so I made an entirely new wiring loom from scratch,” Nicholson says. “While this might not be much of an achievement for an auto sparky (auto electrician), I had almost no prior electrical experience. I’m happy that all the wiring is hidden well out of view, including the battery and charging system.”


Despite its finished appearance, Nicholson says he is planning to add more modern touches to the CX. He is looking into crafting a carbon fiber rear mudguard, and the fashionably wrapped exhaust still needs bracing. “I would (also) love to do a USD front-end conversion,” he says. “Something like a CBR600RR or a GSXR front end, which are pretty much bolt-on and have superior suspension and braking power.”


If you’re whispering to yourself right now for Nicholson to stop where he is, you’re not alone. As an observer, talk like that is frightening when the current result is so stunning, but such is the way of the creative mind. Artists don’t finish paintings, they give up on them. “I am a constant tinkerer,” says Nicholson, though he admits the next project is already calling to him.



1978 Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron

1978 Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron


“I have been thinking of what’s the next project for a while,” he says. “I’d love to do a Ducati SuperSport, but I’m also thinking of a project car… One thing I am sure of is that it will have wheels and an engine!”


Nicholson has time. He’s young, and he’s on a new adventure, having moved to London with his girlfriend to pursue careers and life. His otherworldly CX is back home, safe for now from his fidgety hands. Nicholson is without garage space to start anything new, but that didn’t stop him on his first restoration.


1978 Honda CX500 Cafe racer scotch and iron


“By no means (did) I have a fancy workshop,” he says. “I was often working out of friends’ garages and on the living room floor… It was truly a backyard build.” As such, Nicholson sends thanks to his friend, welding guru, and garage-space lender Anthony Powell. “Cheers mate,” he says.


When confronted with the option to hold on to soul-crushing conformity or risk failure pursuing soul-stirring individuality, Nicholson chose to take a shot — to see what he could learn. “I set out to make a very clean, simple bike that keeps hints of its era, with some modern touches,” he says. “I’m proud of what I achieved on a tight budget.”

Be sure to check out Wills work. All the images in this content and the video were made by Will himself.


— Have a cool bike build you would like featured here?  Send us some images and details on the build to info@scotchandiron.com —

Canvas Banner Time Lapse

Canvas Banner Time Lapse

Canvas Banner Time Lapse // Scotch & Iron

Hit up Home Depot this past Sunday and grabbed some canvas painters drop cloth and use some old paint that was kicking around to make a cool banner for the shop.  CHECK IT OUT !

Sidewalk Feature -1966 Chevy C10 Bagged and Twin Turbo

Sidewalk Feature -1966 Chevy C10 Bagged and Twin Turbo

1966 Chevy C10 Bagged and Twin Turbo

This past visit to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas was a brief one as I noted in some of our previous blogs, however I did find time to spend a little extra time on some of my favorites from the event.  The truck pictured below happens to be one of those stand out builds.  When I came across this 1966 Chevy C10 Bagged and Twin Turbo shop truck from The Classic Car Studio Speed Shop, I had to warm up the shutter on my camera a bit.

Rightfully named “Tiffany” I can only assume by the Tiffany Blue Patina on the truck, this one was a show stopper with a spec list longer than the lines at IN AND OUT BURGER on Friday night. The attention to detail on the metal work and the perfect “stuffing” of the twin turbines into the engine bay, would make any auto enthusiast gaze in wonderment.

Be sure to visit their website and also check out the small videos below of the first few startups of this build.

“Tiffany” Spec Sheet
Built 346 LS1 with LS6 heads
TCI Turbo 400
Ford 9” rear end w/ 3.73 TruTrac
 Holley Dominator complete system
Sniper Intake Manifold
Dominator ECU
105 MM Throttle body
7” Touchscreen Display
VR2 Brushless Fuel pump
120 LB/HR injectors
VR series fuel regulator
Billet fuel rails
Billet fuel filter
 Nelson Racing 64mm mirror image turbos
Custom Stainless turbo piping
Custom Stainless exhaust system
 Porterbuilt rear chassis
Custom built front half
 American Autowire harness
 AccuAir E­Level air management system
Ride Tech Shocks
GM transport wheels
Pirelli Tires
 Custom built, one off fabricated sheet metal bodywork and bed
 Relicate Leather interior
 One off instrument cluster
 Kenwood stereo system

Das Renn Treffen 2017 Porsche Event in Miami Florida

Das Renn Treffen 2017 Porsche Event in Miami Florida

Das RennTreffen 2017

What’s better than a street full of new and vintage Porsche ?  How about a street full on an amazing winter afternoon in South Miami !  Having been a South Florida resident for a little over three years now, I already find that I tend to take the nice weather for granted at times.  I mean, we’re almost always promised to wake up to temps above 75 through winter and rarely does it fall below 80 on most weeks.  Today happened to be one of those days at the Das Renn Treffen 2017 event, that you just have to wonder why people actually live in cold climate…haha.  Okay okay I guess snow is fun sometimes, I just prefer to be selective on my exposure to it.

“Born in 2015, Das Renn Treffen follows in the wake of VolksBlast (VOLKSBLAST.COM) – a nearly 20-year- old Vintage Volkswagen Show that was formed by members of the Palmetto Bugs and Wide Five VW car clubs. Originally created to help raise funds for local charities, many of the members who also donated time building houses for Habitat for Humanity realized what an incredible impact an official show could have on the community. VolksBlast had its first show in 1998 in the First National Bank of South Miami parking lot and drew 60 participants and over 100 spectators. Today, the show plays host to over 250 vehicles and 10,000+ spectators from all around the country and has helped to raise over $120,000 since it’s inception. Entering its third year, Das Renn Treffen is quickly becoming the largest and most anticipated Porsche event on the eastern seaboard. Attracting those who’s hearts beat faster at the sight of the Porsche crest, along with their friends and families, the future of Das Renn Treffen is bright.”

“Hosted at the shops of Sunset Place in the heart of South Miami,
Das Renn Treffen is the biggest Porsche gathering and car show that South Florida has ever seen.
With more than 250 Porsche automobiles honoring the Porsche design concept that design follows function, Das Renn Treffen attracts enthusiasts from around the world and doubles as a community fundraiser for local charities and non-profit organizations.”

In February 2017, Das Renn Treffen continues to grow from a one-day event to a three-day festival, celebrating everything that represents the Porsche brand. Show-goers can expect to witness a wide selection of daily drivers, ultra-rare models, and historical Porsche race cars along with great live music, food, and parts vendors. While the precious steel is always a sight to see, the amazing community that comes together to share their stories and passion of the Porsche brand is what has made Das Renn Treffen such an incredible success. Recognizing automotive greatness and helping to support local charities and non-profit organizations is truly what Das Renn Treffen is all about.”


Enjoy our large DasRenn Treffen Gallery. Please comment if you see your car !!


Black Herts Custom Cycles CB550 Build

Black Herts Custom Cycles CB550 Build

Black Herts Custom Cycle CB550 Build

Have you ever been bouncing around Instagram late at night and you just stumble on something that keeps you up for a few hours more ?  That’s exactly what happened when I stumbled on Black Herts Custom Cycle newly completed CB550 build.

Being that I myself am about to embark on a build of a similarly styled CB360, I had to stop and look around a bit…haha.  You know when you pinch the screen on IG and try to dig into those finer details…Its a struggle.  I’ve had in my possession a very good condition CB360 that I bought just about a year ago, and its sat in the corner of my shop getting little use aside from being an occasional photography prop for a new tee or hat design. I’ve been terribly torn on what direction I wanted to go with the bike due to the fact that free time is a premium here at the shop, I wanted to make it worth the while.  The problem is the bike is just too nice to chop up and I think this one would best be served by just some clean up and subtle mods.  This is what caught my eye with Black Herts bike.

Ben over at BHCC informed me that this bike, a 1977 Honda Cb550 Four was a barn find and it was in terrible condition and it needed a total refresh.  After a total engine out refresh on the frame and subtle details around the bike, the final product is very minimal but extremely pleasing to the eye.  I personally love the raw metal tank on burgundy leather seat and grips.

Black Herts Custom Cycle is located in Hertfordshire, UK and can be found on Instagram at @blackhertscustomcycles be sure to give them a follow and look out for the newest builds.

Enjoy the images sent over from BHCC and I hope it inspires your build like it did me.


cb550 cafe black herts custom cycles

honda cb550 restoration raw metal tank

honda cb550 restoration raw metal tank

honda cb550 gauge cluster custom


Caught Drooling over an 80’s Porsche 911 / 930 Turbo

Caught Drooling over an 80’s Porsche 911 / 930 Turbo

Rob Ida / Ida Concepts Porsche 911 / 930 Turbo

Each year I travel to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and this year was no different.  Some years I make a full week of it, and other years its an in and out affair. This year happened to be one of those quick trip years, so I set out to walk the show as quickly as I possibly could in two days.  With time at a premium, my goal was to find the show “killers”, at least in my mind, and spend a bit more time soaking up all the special details of the build. Being very partial to the Porsche badged cars, it wasn’t hard to get sucked into the many details of Rob Ida’s Porsche 911 / 930 Turbo. So much in fact that I made it a point to come back to it on both days of my visit.

I was lucky enough to catch Rob at his car the first day I saw it, and it was a pleasure to chat with him for a few moments about the build.  Rob admitted that the car started as just a daily driver for him and originally had no intention of building it to the level you see in the photos below.  A few upgrades here and there opened a flood gate of changes to the car.

The most notable change to the car would be the custom front bumper.  Rob knew that the OEM bumpers needed to be trimmed up a bit while retaining the classic styling.  Details on the bumper include recessed driving lights and oil cooler vents, and the more subtle detail of the hood lines continuing down to the lower front valence. Whats great about all of these changes is that its subtleties would be left unnoticed by many who glance upon it.

Another big goal of Robs was to get the “stance” just right which proved much more difficult than one would expect.  Rob admitted that the search for the perfect tire took him to the other side of the ocean to source a super rare set of 315/40/16 Pirelli P7 Corsa Classics. The rubber fitted to 16×11 rear and 15×8 front classic Fuchs design wheels, set the tone for the aggressive look and yet functional ride.

We’d like to thank Rob for the few moments to chat at the show, and I hope you enjoy the little clip I put together below along with the small gallery.





Scotch and Iron Look Book Photo Shoot Video

Scotch and Iron Look Book Photo Shoot Video

Scotch and Iron Look Book Photo Shoot

We spent a few hours recently with the beautiful model, Morgan Avery to capture a few of our newest items.  Shot by Troy Huynh at Las Olas Beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.