Another Mans Treasure 1978 Honda CX500 Cafe

Another Man’s Treasure: 1978 Honda CX500 Cafe An odd-ball relic is transformed into the belle of the ball   Will Nicholson's 1978 Honda CX500 Cafe Build The first step is sometimes the hardest one to take. We tend to assume that the people accomplishing great...

Sidewalk Feature -1966 Chevy C10 Bagged and Twin Turbo

1966 Chevy C10 Bagged and Twin Turbo This past visit to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas was a brief one as I noted in some of our previous blogs, however I did find time to spend a little extra time on some of my favorites from the event.  The truck pictured below happens...

Das Renn Treffen 2017 Porsche Event in Miami Florida

Das RennTreffen 2017 What's better than a street full of new and vintage Porsche ?  How about a street full on an amazing winter afternoon in South Miami !  Having been a South Florida resident for a little over three years now, I already find that I tend to take the...

Black Herts Custom Cycles CB550 Build

Black Herts Custom Cycle CB550 Build Have you ever been bouncing around Instagram late at night and you just stumble on something that keeps you up for a few hours more ?  That's exactly what happened when I stumbled on Black Herts Custom Cycle newly completed CB550...

Caught Drooling over an 80’s Porsche 911 / 930 Turbo

Rob Ida / Ida Concepts Porsche 911 / 930 Turbo Each year I travel to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and this year was no different.  Some years I make a full week of it, and other years its an in and out affair. This year happened to be one of those quick trip years, so I...

Whats with motorcycle tire width ?

Ari Henning from Motorcyclist Magazine talks about proper tire size, and makes it look good wearing our United Moto Tee in Olive Green.

The SEMA Show Las Vegas 2016

The SEMA Show 2016 in Las Vegas has come and gone, and once again it did not disappoint us at Scotch & Iron. Having attended the show for many consecutive years, at times the builds seem to start to all look the same. I guess being around the car industry for so long has way of making you numb to amazing cars and trucks.

Bad Ass Bagged and Rotary Powered Datsun 510

During my late night insomniac driven interwebz crawls, this build came across my screen and I had to come to a screeching halt. I’ve been itching to actually spend some time on my current projects, but I find that running an online business is pretty time consuming for one person. But seeing these images is some insane motivation to stop all the excuses.

We attend the AIM Expo 2016

What a weekend! The Scotch & Iron team ventured to Orlando, Florida for this years American International Motorcycle Expo held at the Orange County Convention Center.

A Friday at Rolex / Short Film

This past January we were excited to head north to Daytona Beach to meet our friends from Rennsport One as they competed in the Continental Tires Sportscar Challenge. Held at the word famous Daytona International Raceway on the Friday before the start of the Rolex 24hr race, the sportscar challenge never fails to deliver some of the best bumper to bumper racing.

10 Awesome Scrambler Motorcycle Builds

At the Scotch and Iron studio, we spend a lot of time in front of our computers doing the dirty internet work required of this business. We can’t help but get distracted from time to time browsing some of the best cars and bikes we can find on the interwebz.

Handbuilt Show 2016 Austin Texas

Each year in April, thousands descend on downtown Austin for the Handbuilt Show hosted by Revival Cycles. Held on the same weekend as the Moto GP Event at Circuit of The Americas, the event is a weekend of various events and activities.

Volksblast Miami Car Show Short Film

The team at Scotch & Iron has a huge sweet spot for Air Cooled Vintage VWs. For the past several years we have made it a point to attend the Volksblast event in South Miami, and this years event was again a success. This year we came back with a nice little video…

The One Moto Show Video 2016, Portland Oregon

We decided to make the trip out to The 1 Moto Show 2016 this year in Portland, Oregon and it was not a disappointment.  After hearing all of the hype about the show, we can attest that it is worthy of the hype.