Das Renn Treffen 2017 Porsche Event in Miami Florida

Das Renn Treffen 2017 Porsche Event in Miami Florida

Das RennTreffen 2017

What’s better than a street full of new and vintage Porsche ?  How about a street full on an amazing winter afternoon in South Miami !  Having been a South Florida resident for a little over three years now, I already find that I tend to take the nice weather for granted at times.  I mean, we’re almost always promised to wake up to temps above 75 through winter and rarely does it fall below 80 on most weeks.  Today happened to be one of those days at the Das Renn Treffen 2017 event, that you just have to wonder why people actually live in cold climate…haha.  Okay okay I guess snow is fun sometimes, I just prefer to be selective on my exposure to it.

“Born in 2015, Das Renn Treffen follows in the wake of VolksBlast (VOLKSBLAST.COM) – a nearly 20-year- old Vintage Volkswagen Show that was formed by members of the Palmetto Bugs and Wide Five VW car clubs. Originally created to help raise funds for local charities, many of the members who also donated time building houses for Habitat for Humanity realized what an incredible impact an official show could have on the community. VolksBlast had its first show in 1998 in the First National Bank of South Miami parking lot and drew 60 participants and over 100 spectators. Today, the show plays host to over 250 vehicles and 10,000+ spectators from all around the country and has helped to raise over $120,000 since it’s inception. Entering its third year, Das Renn Treffen is quickly becoming the largest and most anticipated Porsche event on the eastern seaboard. Attracting those who’s hearts beat faster at the sight of the Porsche crest, along with their friends and families, the future of Das Renn Treffen is bright.”

“Hosted at the shops of Sunset Place in the heart of South Miami,
Das Renn Treffen is the biggest Porsche gathering and car show that South Florida has ever seen.
With more than 250 Porsche automobiles honoring the Porsche design concept that design follows function, Das Renn Treffen attracts enthusiasts from around the world and doubles as a community fundraiser for local charities and non-profit organizations.”

In February 2017, Das Renn Treffen continues to grow from a one-day event to a three-day festival, celebrating everything that represents the Porsche brand. Show-goers can expect to witness a wide selection of daily drivers, ultra-rare models, and historical Porsche race cars along with great live music, food, and parts vendors. While the precious steel is always a sight to see, the amazing community that comes together to share their stories and passion of the Porsche brand is what has made Das Renn Treffen such an incredible success. Recognizing automotive greatness and helping to support local charities and non-profit organizations is truly what Das Renn Treffen is all about.”


Enjoy our large DasRenn Treffen Gallery. Please comment if you see your car !!


The SEMA Show Las Vegas 2016

The SEMA Show Las Vegas 2016


The SEMA Show 2016 in Las Vegas has come and gone, and once again it did not disappoint us at Scotch & Iron. Having attended the show for many consecutive years, at times the builds seem to start to all look the same. I guess being around the car industry for so long has way a of making you numb to amazing cars and trucks.

This year however it seemed that a lot of builders pulled out all the stops. With social media being the driving force behind the hype surrounding many of these cars, the anticipation was real this year in hopes that the reality lived up to the hype.

A few of the builds that were extra exciting (at least to me) included the Bagged Duramax Dually from The Little Shop, Rob Idas’ Porsche 911 and the entire collection of bagged C-10 Trucks parked at the Accuair Corral outside the Central Hall all weekend.

Our trip to the show this year was very brief and we only had two days to browse the entire show, however I was able to speed walk much of the show floor and capture photos of the builds that stood out.

I was also able to spend a little longer on a few of the highlights and those I will post in later installments of SEMA coverage.

Check out our first batch of favorites below. Click on any image to open a larger view !





We attend the AIM Expo 2016

We attend the AIM Expo 2016

What a weekend! The Scotch & Iron team ventured to Orlando, Florida for this years American International Motorcycle Expo held at the Orange County Convention Center. Over 450 exhibitors were in attendance this year and it was quite overwhelming to try and see everything. Vendors ranged from the big OEM’s, to everything under the sun regarding aftermarket applications for the entire range of motorcycles, ATVs, and PowerSports suppliers.

The four day show consisted of two dealer days, where we got to meet and greet with various dealers, and other vendors from all over the country. The weekend days were open to the public where we got to meet a lot of loyal Scotch & Iron fans, and help introduce our products to a whole new crowd of people.
We had a great time in Orlando, and really enjoyed getting to meet a lot of new people and checking out all the sweet bikes! Check out the photos below for some highlights of the show.
Check out a collection of images of our favorite bikes from the event.
A Friday at Rolex / Short Film

A Friday at Rolex / Short Film

Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, Daytona Beach Florida

This past January we were excited to head north to Daytona Beach to meet our friends from Rennsport One as they competed in the Continental Tires Sportscar Challenge.  Held at the word famous Daytona International Raceway on the Friday before the start of the Rolex 24hr race, the sportscar challenge never fails to deliver some of the best bumper to bumper racing.

We were lucky enough to have some sponsorship space on the number 9 Porsche Cayman this year which added to the excitement.  We could not have asked for a better day.  A chilly winter morning turned into fabulous race weather with temps in the mid 70s.

The race had its share of setbacks for the RS1 team, but all of the cars and drivers made it back to the paddock safely.  If you can add the Rolex weekend to your schedule next year, we highly suggest it.

Have a look at our short film from our Friday at Rolex.

Rolex 24 hour endurance race at Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida

“A Friday at Rolex” a short film by Scotch and Iron

Volksblast Miami Car Show Short Film

Volksblast Miami Car Show Short Film

The team at Scotch & Iron has a huge sweet spot for Air Cooled Vintage VWs.  For the past several years we have made it a point to attend the Volksblast event in South Miami, and this years event was again a success. This year we came back with a nice little video… (more…)